What To Do From Here: Stand Up for Your Freedom and Future

Stand Up For Your Country and Your Freedom

Stand Up For Your Country and Your Freedom

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What to do from here?


Speak Out: People are believing this because it’s what they’ve been told. They’ve been lied to and deceived so that they think this is scary and they are so blinded by fear and false information that they don’t know what is really going on. They have zero capability to think for themselves. We need to break that. We need to sow doubt in the systems that they are clinging to, because we see it happening for people- they suddenly realize, wait a second, that thing that the news media just told me, was a lie. Wait a second, that belief that I’ve held because I thought every decent human believes that, turned out to backfire on me and not be true. Once they realize, they are being lied to in one area, they will start questioning everything. Then, they are on the process to waking up!


If you know the truth, then only you can sow seeds of truth into the lives of the people around you. No body else has your exact friend circle, family, work connections, social media followers, etc. Start speaking truth into their lives. Whether they accept it or not, whether they hate you or not, they need to get on social media, and see that the people around them are not believing the lies. They need to see a different narrative, or else the only thing they will see is what the corrupt media and government want them to see.


If you don’t have social media, get a custom made mask that shares scientific data about COVID. Print off business cards with facts about COVID and leave them all over the store. Get creative! Where shirts, hats, etc. that spread your message.


Stand Up:

If you have a business, don’t close it. If your company is not requiring the vaccine, announce it so other companies and businesses feel empowered to do the same. Don’t shop at businesses that require masks. Support businesses that choose to stay open. Support businesses that don’t force you to wear a mask. Call your businesses and tell them that you want the mask requirement lifted or else you won’t be shopping there. Organize a group of people- a mom group, a business group, etc. to band together and work towards solutions together in a supportive community facing the same challenges and needs. 


Get Involved:

Research organizations in your state that work for your best interests. Can you donate? Volunteer? Show up at their events and rallies? Get on their email list? Do it! These organizations are working towards the change you want to see. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can stay up to date and take action when needed by getting on their email list and staying informed. 


Start your own groups! It doesn’t have to be some big, organized thing. Do you have some business colleagues, mom friends, etc. who share your beliefs and values? Meet together! You don’t have to have an email list or a facebook group or a website. Grass roots gatherings with like minded people to talk about the issues that are affecting you most and brainstorm solutions is extremely beneficial to any movement. Big tech and the government can censor and shut down big organizations, but they can’t smoke out thousands of groups scattered across the country that they don’t know even exist! 


Be Healthy:

Now is the best time to focus on getting healthy. If you are forced to take this vaccine, you want to make sure that your body has the least amount of toxins in it and is functioning at its optimum level in order to better handle the unknown effects of the vaccine. Detox, find natural solutions to your health issues, put only clean, nutritious food into your body, learn about natural remedies and ways to continuously be supporting your immune system. Get on my email list and follow me on Instagram and Parler to be updated on the natural ways we as a family are constantly boosting our health and well being. 


Be Self Sufficient

Can you grow a garden? Can you make your own personal care products if you have to? Can you order your contact solutions, etc. in advance? Get your yearly checkups out of the way, order your things in bulk, learn to be more self sufficient so you aren’t forced to be dependent and therefore have to comply with the requirements of your local stores, government, or federal government. 


Prepare Yourself

You are not a victim unless you allow yourself to be. Take self defense courses, get a conceal and carry- be equipped for whatever may come your way. Don’t not go to a rally because you’re afraid that ANTIFA is going to attack you. Don’t not wear a mask that shares the truth about COVID because you’re afraid of getting harassed by a liberal. I don’t know what is coming, but if you can learn how to protect yourself on all fronts, I would recommend doing it. 


Trust God

This world may be out of control, but it is never out of God’s control. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” And although this passage itself is comforting and peaceful, the context of this passage is actually the opposite, and I’m going to end this podcast reading the surrounding passages which talk about uproar among the nations and turbulent times. 


Psalm 46


Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of the opportunities and gifts that God has given you. 


The Debate About “Misinformation” on the Internet


The Debate About “Misinformation”.

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Hello, Emily Allison coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being good stewards of their health, lives, and world. Today I want to talk about a very important topic that we’re hearing and seeing all over social media and the news which is the term “misinformation.” A couple weeks ago I was talking about the news media and the projections they were making about the election, and I used the term “credible” when I was speaking about alternative forms of information. This incited some alarm and curiosity from my liberal followers, and I ended up surprisingly actually having some really good and open conversations about this subject. The big question I got was, what do I consider to be a “credible source”. My answer is this: 


I would consider a credible source any source that is conducting true journalism, which is non biased and simply reporting the facts. I think within any media outlet you can find reporters who do that very well and ones that are clearly biased and reporting for political objectives. I also find it helpful to look at funding, where different networks or journalists get their funding from and that often shows what political bias they may be pressured to work under. For the particular topic of the election, media projections made before voting is done or in states where voting process has violated the laws made by that state’s legislature (legislatures make the laws about voting procedures per state, so no election commission, post office, etc. can legally make different ones) and is therefore under review, I would consider not remotely credible because those numbers are not confirmed as legitimate yet.


Even if not one single vote is found fraudulent and all the numbers stay as is, I would consider main stream media to not be a credible source due to their polls that were incredibly inaccurate both in 2016 and in this election. The percentage points and the house and senate seat projections were completely off and inaccurate reporting certainly discredits any media outlet.


I also think people from all parties coming forward to expose the fraud they have witnessed at risk of losing their jobs and being intimidated and harassed on social media and in their communities is more credible than reporters who have everything to gain from repeating narratives they are paid to promote and that will significantly help them climb the ladder in their professions.


Another way I try to navigate a credible source is by looking into their sources. If something is fact checked as false, I look into who the fact checker is and what their sources and reasoning was for saying something was false.


Now in one of these conversations I had, my liberal friend expressed her concern about the fact that with social media there is so much information and that paves the way for misinformation, so it requires a lot of critical thinking to be able to tell what is true and what isn’t. I couldn’t agree more! However, Although I agree that more and more people are relying on social media and that does mean critical thinking and more research on the part of the consumer, I think that what is concerning is that information is being censored at all. I believe people have the right to be wrong, to have different opinions, and to share information and have educated debate about those opinions, no matter what political party they are from or whether their narrative goes against the mainstream media.


I think no matter what a person’s political stance is, most of us can come together and agree that we want unity in our country, we want truth, we want fair and free elections and we want to make sure without a shadow of a doubt that we can trust the integrity of our voting system. I think MOST of us can agree on this. I do not think the mainstream media or big tech or the democratic elites want that. If they did, they wouldn’t be censoring only information that goes against what is politically and financially beneficial for them. 


Alright, so if you’re a liberal, and you’re concerned about misinformation, which we ALL should be. If we are honestly and genuinely seeking the TRUTH in the world events around us, then we ALL should be very wary of the information we consume, no matter what platform we find it on- whether that’s social media and the internet or news channels on TV. So, if we are concerned about misinformation, that is why MUST advocate for more freedom of information and less censorship. Here’s why:


You know what the influx of alternative sources of information (on the internet & social media) will do to the mainstream news media? It will make it better. It will raise the standard. It will require Media outlets’ stories to be more accurate, reporters to search out and verify more facts, and headlines and narratives to show less political bias. Because if they don’t do a good job, people will know, and they will take their views and their money somewhere else. Freedom of information will create honest competition for the coveted title of credibility, and it will restore true journalism in America to what it should be: Reporting facts in the search for truth, not packaging narratives for political gain. They will make sure they do their best to get it right, because if they get it wrong, they will bear the consequences.


Having one avenue to access one official narrative does not require the public to have to think less. It requires them to have to find the ins and outs and back ways of finding actual facts so they can verify if what the media is saying is true at all- and how can they do that when the other facts are being heavily censored and in many cases erased all together? How will the American people know the official narrative was false if the media refuses to report on it? How would they know there was a longer video of George Floyd’s death that showed the whole story if the media never mentions it and big tech buries it? How will they keep the media accountable to reporting facts and truth if they can never know when they’re lying? 


Limiting access to information and punishing those who dare to share it does not create truth. It does not eliminate the need for critical thinking and each person doing their own research. If anything, it increases it. 


The news media has already discredited themselves through wildly inaccurate polling, false projections, and refusal to report developing stories if that story doesn’t fit their prepackaged narrative. Inaccurate information should discredit any news media outlet. This is why we need people sharing information. This is why we need a variety of access to information, of narratives, and of opinions.


There will be false information on the internet just as there is false information on the news. The American people can share information, do their own research, and come to their own conclusions. They could do so more easily and come to more truthful conclusions if the information they find in their research wasn’t censored and politically biased.


Freedom of information, educated debate, and higher standards of factual reporting will create more truth, more transparency, and more unity in our country and across the world.


If you think the media trying to manipulate people’s minds to produce politically convenient outcomes is far-fetched, then crack a history book, or learn about how the media is used in autocracies in the world today. Propaganda and political and religious censorship is a tale as old as time, and we want to make sure it isn’t allowed to happen in our country. 


It all boils down to a question of human rights: Do human beings have a right to their own minds? Do they have a right to their own opinions? Should big tech financial elites decide for you what you’re allowed to think, say, and believe? Come on America. Say no to censorship. Stop fearing so called “misinformation”. Advocate for the rights of all Americans, even the ones you disagree with, and together let’s instill truth, unity, and educated discourse back into our political culture. 


Alright, be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of what God has given you.

2020 Election Results: Is There a Silver Lining?

Encouragement and Inspiration for Christians

Is there a silver lining in this election?

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Hello, Emily Allison coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being good stewards of our health, lives, and world. It is currently the night after election night and still no presidential candidate has reached the 270 electoral votes to win the race. Last night we went to bed with no answers, and this morning, we woke up with more questions. Where did these thousands of votes for Biden magically come from overnight? Why haven’t they called states that Trump is clearly winning when such a high percentage of the votes are in? Why are they stalling in cases where Trump is leading and what appears to be rushing where Biden is leading? Is this a fair and free election? If not, will there be justice, or will the American people be forced further down the road of censorship and persecution that they have traveled this entire year? What is God doing? And what does He want from you and me?


Let’s dive in.


First and foremost, no matter the outcome, is there a silver lining to the dysfunctional and warped display of democracy that we’ve seen in the past several years and now in this election? Yes, I believe there is. I think if Trump would have just swept the election and breezed through to victory, conservatives would have gotten comfortable. I think they very possibly would have rested in the safety blanket of Trump’s presidency while the left continued to advance their agenda through lying and manipulation in the mainstream media and censorship on social media platforms exactly as they have been. And I think the motivation to stand up and actually end it would not be so strong, because we would just be waiting to see what Trump could do about it.


Now, if Trump loses, which I hope doesn’t happen, but if he does, I hope that this election and the political culture we will be entering into will be enough to light a fire under us to rise up in the name of freedom and stand up to the evil in our country. What will it take to say enough is enough? It wasn’t Covid. It wasn’t quarantines and curfews. It wasn’t rioting and looting. It wasn’t censorship. Will it be a rigged election? Will it be the socialist American that Biden will no doubt begin implementing? If that’s what it takes for Americans to stand up for freedom and democracy in our nation and across the world, then maybe Trump losing will be a major blessing in disguise. 


Now, onto the next question I think we’re all asking: Is this election being rigged? 


My answer is that I do believe this election is rigged. I believe it’s being rigged in two ways: The first way is through voter fraud. Voter fraud is rampant in elections throughout our country and I have said all along, as so many others have, that Biden isn’t campaigning to win votes, because he’s already planning to win votes another way- by cheating. I think the democrats were shocked last election that despite their best efforts, the American people weren’t as easily manipulated as the democrats had banked on, and their voter fraud methods just weren’t enough to make up the difference. And every day since then, they have been sure to ramp up both. I don’t need to remind you of the baseless smear campaigns, accusations, impeachment attempt, and covid fear mongering campaign that has crippled our country economically and emotionally and spiritually in the last 4 years. Add that to the rise in censorship, the stripping of our freedom of speech and freedom of information primarily on the internet, and totally biased reporting in the news media, and what you have isn’t a free election or a fair election. It is a rigged election. EVEN IF (and I do believe it’s a big “if”) there turns out to be absolutely NO voter fraud factoring into this election, not one single vote- this election is STILL RIGGED. Stay with me as I explain. 


As I was watching the election unfold last night, 2 things hit me: It is closer than I thought it would be. The country is not unified, the country is even more divided and more polarized than it was 4 years ago. Despite a soaring economy, lowest unemployment rates for minorities, a tax bill that benefited Americans and great advances in reducing the cost of healthcare and drug prices- basically, despite Trump delivering on all his campaign promises in a big way that actually improved the lives of Americans, we the people are still so radically polarized on both sides. Why? Because of the constant lies and deception of the mainstream media and the censorship of information on social media. Due to algorithms each American has been presented with perfectly pre-packaged narratives that fit their own personal leanings, driving them further and further in one direction.


Due to the blatant censorship of conservative posts or alternate narratives other than the ones the mainstream media has set, the American people have not only been deprived of access to information, but have been bullied and censored in a way that has hindered them from being able to have educated debate so that people can learn and come to their own conclusions. Social media has decided and enforced what information we have access to, and decided for us what we are allowed to believe. And make no mistake, it has greatly determined the results of this election. In Arizona for instance, the state that Trump won in 2016 and Biden allegedly won last night, the voters said in a poll that they voted for Biden out of fear of covid. The media was so relentless in their mindless hysteria campaign over a virus with a 98% survival rate that they were successful in manipulating the minds of the voters and influencing the outcome of the election.


Media campaigns based on fear and emotion over facts, coupled with the censorship and smearing of any alternative information and the sources and people who attempt to share it, has officially eradicated educated debate, logical thinking, freedom, and truth from our political culture. The media tells us the narrative and we have no rights or abilities to counter it and decide for ourselves. Stripping the American people of their rights and lying to produce an outcome is NOT a free or fair election. It is a rigged election, and the democrats don’t care because it’s working. They think they can do whatever they want because they don’t think the American people have enough power to stop them. In his speech today, Biden told Americans that it’s time for us to stop treating each other like enemies. He said he will govern “as an American President.” “There will be no red states and no blue states when we win, just the United States of America.” “here, the people rule, power cannot be taken or asserted, it flows from the people.” Does it Biden? When you take away the rights and freedoms given to the people in the American constitution, where then does their power come from? I have a message for Joe Biden: 


Your party baselessly fought and obstructed Donald Trump’s presidency every single step of the way from his election is 2016 to now. Your party disregarded and forsook one of the crucial pillars of democracy which is the peaceful transfer of power, and while your party was doing that, they weren’t just bashing, smearing, disrespecting, and fighting against the President, they were fighting against the American people who elected him. Where were you when the power of the people was being disregarded and opposed by your own party for four years? Where were you when the power of the people to have free speech and freedom of information was being stripped away via relentless and biased censorship? Where were you when the power of the people to educate themselves and make their own decisions based on facts and reason was under assault by the completely one sided, political propaganda that is the liberal news media?


You stand with the party that has deliberately been stripping the American people of their constitutional rights and lying and deceiving their minds for political gain. And now, you are undermining the power of the people by rigging this election via criminal voter fraud. You don’t get to deprive American’ of their rights, take away their power, and expect them to roll over and let you walk to victory. You are not, and will never be, a legitimate president of the United States of America, and the people will rise up for freedom and rob you of your power just as you have done to us.


Now I have a message for my fellow Americans, and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ:


We have a country that was conceived in oppression, nurtured in persecution and unrest, and born in turmoil and sacrifice. Our heritage is one of pilgrims risking their lives and the lives of their children and sailing across the sea with hopes of freedom. It’s the heritage of Patrick Henry who, when swaying the Virginia convention to send troops to join the revolution said “Give me liberty or give me death.” It’s the heritage of Harriet Tubman, who followed God into the face of failure and death and boldly delivered slaves to their freedom. It’s the heritage of brave men and women who risked their safety and comfort to stand against slavery, Hitler, and communism.


And these examples pale in comparison to the heritage we have as christians and the hope we have in the true ruler of the universe, God. Our God parts the waters, closes the mouths of lions, slays giants with tiny stones, feeds the five thousand, calms the wind and the waves, and defeated sin and death once and for all on the cross. I know it’s scary to think of what might happen if our religious liberties and constitutional freedoms continue to be taken away. I know how easy it is to feel anxious and unsure of what God is doing and what He wants us to do in the face of evil in this world. But “Our God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) We are commanded to “not be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21) and who will crush Satan under our feet. (Romans 16:20)


Our identity is not in our safety or freedoms, our identity is in our hope in who God is, who we are in him, and what He says He will do in this life and the next. We are fighting the battle of God’s kingdom here on earth. We should stand for freedom. We should stand for human rights and policies that reflect Biblical truths. We should oppose evil and lies. By doing so right now, we are protecting democracy and liberty throughout the world. And we are not just protecting ourselves, but we are protecting every American, even the ones we disagree with. And this is very important, as Thomas Paine Wrote: “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he established a precedent that will reach to himself.”


Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” 


As you pray and wrestle with God in the coming weeks and beyond about what God is doing and how He is going to use you in it, I will leave you with this, from Hebrews 13: 20-21


“Now may the God of peace who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”


Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of all these gifts. 

What’s Going to Happen This Election?

Encouragement and Inspiration for Christian Moms

What’s going to happen this election 





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Hello, Emily Allison coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being Good Stewards of their health, lives, and world. Today I want to give a brief summary of my take on the election and what I think is going to happen here in a couple weeks.


First off, Who’s going to win?


IF we have a free and fair election, then Donald Trump is by far, without a shadow of a doubt, the clear winner. Alright look, the polls are rigged ok? I think last I saw they were only polling 16% republicans? I mean, that’s not a real poll! Ok? The polls are rigged, and as we saw in the last election, they are not an accurate reflection of the American people and how the people are going to vote. I have more people in my Bible study group than Joe Biden at his presidential political rallies. Ok, Joe Biden couldn’t sell out a high school cafeteria, while Trump is selling out stadiums. OK, there is real energy and excitement and support among the American people behind Donald Trump and his policies and platforms, while Joe Biden’s campaign is simply a facade. 


Rigged polls, fake elections via voter fraud, lying mainstream media, that’s how the democrats have held any power at all in recent years. Through lying, manipulation, and fraud. That is the platform of the democratic party, they don’t have solutions, they don’t policy stances that help and excite the American people that are actually backed up by legislation, they have talking points and lies that they wield as political tools to get them elected. Not to serve their people once they’re in office, just to get them elected so they have more power and more money to feed their own corrupt personal, political, and financial agendas.


If this is a fair election, then Donald Trump will win, and I think he will win handily. However, the key word there is IF. Given that there are dumpsters full of opened Trump ballots and rampant voter fraud already happening across our country, we can no longer claim free and fair elections in America. And that sobering reality should make us sick.. Because if we don’t have free, fair elections, then we don’t have a free country. Think about that.


Another reason that I am more than confident that Donald Trump has the support to win, is that I can’t imagine hardly anyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 changing their minds and voting for Biden in this election. I’m sure there are a few select people somewhere, but overall, that is going to be very rare. The people who voted for Trump voted for him because he wasn’t a career politician, they saw him as someone who couldn’t be bought and could go to Washington and do what no other politician has been able or willing to do for quite some time, which is actually shake things up and get things done. So they voted for him, and he went to Washington and he did exactly that. The country benefited from his policies, he delivered on his promises, and he exceeded his voters expectations. So I don’t see him losing much of his base, and that base was enough to get him elected before. Now the wrench that could get thrown into this scenario, is the matter of voter turnout. If people hated Donald trump enough after 4 years to show up in record numbers and vote him out, that could definitely change the demographics, BUT, he is a polarizing enough figure and last election was divisive enough where we already had record turnout numbers last election, and from what I’ve heard so far this election we already have record numbers from early voting, so, I don’t see a huge plot twist happening in this area.  


So, my prediction is: Either honest efforts of cracking down on voter fraud combined with God thwarting the plans of the wicked, pay off and Donald Trump wins the election in sweeping and overwhelming numbers, OR, The democrats pull off their clear attempt to rig the election. Joe Biden isn’t trying to get votes! They don’t care that he doesn’t have anyone at his rallies. They say “Oh, we’re campaigning differently.” That’s bull crap! You don’t campaign this way to win elections. 


You don’t not get voters excited, and not show your face to your people, and not let your people come show their support and generate momentum, that’s not how you win a campaign, ANY campaign, especially for President of the United States of America. When I was in college, I had a super small college republican club with like nobody who cared about politics on my campus, and when I had a state senator or a state representative running for office, I packed a room with more people than Joe Biden has at his gatherings. I’m serious. It’s unbelievable. 


So either the democrats are just delusional and thinking they have more support than they do, and just living in a dream world which very well could be the case, or, they know they aren’t going to win based on the actual votes of the American people, and they’re ok with it, because they’re planning to win another way. They are outright planning to rig this election. That’s what the push for mail in voting was all about. That’s probably something to do with what Covid has been all about. 


Since President trump was elected nearly 4 years ago, the democrats have forsaken the vital pillar of democracy in the free world which is the peaceful transfer of power, they have fought Donald trump’s election, rights as a president, and every move of his administration ever since..Their pathetically makeshift impeachment attempt based on nothing.. It’s disgusting. This has not been a peaceful transfer of power, this has not been respect for the president, but more importantly, it has not been respect for the American people, WHO ELECTED HIM. The democrats lost, once and for all, the ability to say they are in any way shape or form, the party of the people, because all they have done in the past 4 years, is stifle and obstruct and persecute the government administration that WE the people, have elected. 


The democrats know they won’t win, I don’t think they knew this last time around. When Hillary lost they were just scratching their heads and totally confused because they’re 100% detached from reality and what’s actually going on in this country, but I think we’re seeing something more seditious, more diabolical happening this time around. I don’t think they’re clueless anymore, I think they’re out for blood and they will get it at any cost, because for them, the end justifies the means and they don’t respect or care about the American people or about democracy. 


So, if they have tricks up their sleeves yet to play, then I don’t know, I don’t know what will happen post election. If we don’t get the results right away as we should, which I think the democrats will try to prolong that process, another clear assault on democracy with valuing the swift elections, then either rig the results or just continuously fight to try to undermine the results in the minds of their base, the useful idiots who ARE clueless and delusional. So by doing that, just perpetuate enough support to still have a party essentially at this point. 


I do think though that the American people are aware of what the democrats are up to, and if they don’t see a free and fair election, I don’t think they’ll accept it. If Donald Trump doesn’t win, I don’t think it will be accepted by the American people. I honestly don’t. So, I’m not sure what that will end up looking like, but the fact that we’re wondering about violence and civil war and more rioting and looting akin to what you see in 3rd world countries over elections that aren’t fair and are rigged and the people know it, that’s deeply troubling, and it should be unacceptable. But, the democrats have made it this way, and that is a podcast for another time. So, here are my election thoughts, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


And as always, I always want you to feel empowered after listening to my podcast, so what can you do? VOTE. Vote in person for safer results as far as voter fraud goes, and VOTE. Research every candidate on your ballot, get out and exercise your civic duty and right as an American, and vote. And then of course, PRAY. Pray that God thwarts the plans of the wicked. God is the ultimate ruler, God is in control, God will triumph over evil, He does hold the victory, and pray that He will do what He promises to do, just pray that He does it now! Pray pray pray. 


And lastly, spread awareness! Please, share this podcast with your friends and family. Share it on social media, people need to wake up and understand what is going on, so please share this in any and every way that you can, thank you! Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of all God has given you. 



A New Voice: Satan’s Battle Over Your Mind

Encouragement for Chrisitians

Satan’s Battle Over Your Mind


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Hello, Emily Allison coming at you from my blog, Good Stewards a community of people dedicated to being good stewards of their health, life, and world. I think we can all say that 2020 has been quite a year- and I’m curious, how many of you, or maybe better yet, how many times have you stopped and asked yourself, “What the heck is going on?!”. Well I’ve certainly asked myself that question many times, and in this podcast, I’m going to answer it.


You see, when we’re walking with the Lord, we really shouldn’t be blindsided by the fact that Satan is always working, and we can see the results of his work in the sinful and fallen world around us. I’ve known the answer to the hatred, deception, violence, etc.  that we’ve seen this past year (or past several years) in our country and across and the world is a result of sin and ultimately the answer is Jesus, but recently I was reading a passage from 1 Peter that really clarified to me exactly what is going on and how we as Christians can protect ourselves from it, and not only that, but fight against the devil and his wicked schemes.


1 Peter 5: 6-9 says “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”


Alright, look we as Christians have a lot going on in our culture that requires us to exercise discernment in how to live out our faith in a culture that is very anti-biblical. From the immoral content of just about every movie and tv show there is, to the one sided political agenda in the media, to the laws of the land like abortion and homosexuality that are completely opposite of what the Bible says is good and right in God’s sight, down to the events of recent months of Black Lives Matter, covid, and the most hateful, divided political culture probably that many of us have ever experienced.


What is this verse telling Christians about the world around us? First, In this verse, Peter tells us how to choose what God says over what our culture says. He tells us how to resist the pressure to bow to culture over kingdom, even when we are under persecution to do so. In verse 6 he gives us the answer: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s Mighty Hand, that He may lift you up in due time.” What is humility when you’re a christian? Humility is obedience. We see this in Philippians 2:8, talking about Jesus: “And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” 


Jesus humbled himself to the point of leaving his place in paradise to become one of us and live with us, and eventually, die a horrible death in obedience to the father’s will. If Jesus can do that, we must be very careful to humble ourselves enough to obey God’s word and God’s way over culture pressure. Practical ways to do this is to ask ourselves: What is true? What does God command me to do according to His word? Are we willing to look unpopular, outdated, and foolish by the world? Are we willing to be persecuted and scorned and scoffed at for standing with what is right instead of what is accepted? Are we willing to trade in faithful service to God, which is of eternal value, in exchange for the pride and feel good acceptance that comes with jumping on the ever changing cultural bandwagon?


This is a hard thing to do, which is why he tells us to “Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you.” God is not far away. If you are a child of God, then God is with you in this battle. God is guiding you and protecting you. He loves you. When the pressures and persecution of this world begin to overwhelm us, we can cast our fears and burdens on Him, and He will sustain us and help us through it. We don’t know what the future will mean for us as christians, but we do know that we have a good, faithful God who is with us every step of the way. 


Next, it’s telling us the main cause of these issues and warning us how to protect ourselves. The reason for the brokenness around us is: Satan. Satan is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour- and Peter is telling christians point blank, that we’re on Satan’s hit list. You living out your faith in your life, your marriage, your children, your church- he wants to attack you and destroy you.  He WANTS to destroy you. And He is TRYING to destroy you. Right now, right where you are, Satan has already drawn the battle lines and is at this very moment, waging a war over your life. If you’re not aware of this, you need to wake up. And thankfully, as we’ll go over in our next point, Peter tells us how: 


Peter tells us, “be alert and of sober mind.” So he’s saying that Satan’s battle ground over your life is happening first and foremost in your MIND, ok, the MIND is the devils playground. That is where He is going to attack you before anything else. If you want to know what is in your heart, look at what types of things are in your mind: Those things will eventually make their way into your actions. The way to be on guard against the attacks from the devil, is by, being alert and aware of their existence and watching and discerning what types of things you are allowing to enter, influence, and sway your mind and therefore your actions, and by being sober minded, so not letting the distractions and influences of this world delude your spiritual and biblical senses and make your mind basically drunk and not fully operating in tune with God and where it should be. Alright, so, be on the alert that Satan is working in the events around you to try to wage attacks against your mind, and be focused on the important things: What the Bible says and how it should affect the way you think and act. 


Alright, so that’ step 1. And as always, I want to make these podcasts as practical and applicable to your life as possible, so let’s throw out some examples here: What are some practical applications for this step? I think the main one is, Pay attention. Pay attention to the message behind the TV shows and the movies you’re watching. Pay attention to the sources you’re getting your information from. Pay attention to the funding and the people that influence and control the sources you’re getting your information from. Pay attention to the headlines and actually research and think through a news report for yourself instead of just letting the headline and the packaged narrative do the thinking for you. Discern and ask yourself, not what is this party or this group’s stance on this issue, but what is God’s stance? What does the Bible say? 


This leads me to the next and final part of the passage: “Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” When we are aware of Satan’s schemes and attacks around us, we must resist him. We do this by standing firm in the faith. Faith that God is who He says He is, and faith in who we are in Him. You see, the devil is a liar. John 8:44 says “he was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Satan not only lies constantly through the world around us, but he lies to our minds by assaulting our identity in Christ, by questioning God’s words and what they really mean just as he questioned Eve in the garden “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”. By standing firm in our faith in who God says He is, that what He says is true, and who we are in Him, we can fend off the assaults of Satan. Just as Ephesians 6:16 when talking about the armor of God says, “In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.” Satan doubts and questions and condemns, but by faith in God, we call him a liar and are free.


And lastly, we know we are not alone, “because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” All through the Bible and all through the world right now, others are taking up their cross and following Christ, Dying to themselves, so that they may live with Christ. We are not alone, and the hope we have as christians in this life and the life to come is worth far more than any comfort or acceptance this world has to offer. 


Matthew 16: 24-26 “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”


Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of the gift of grace that is being saved, and being a disciple of Christ.