5 Simple & Healthy Meals for the Busy Mama!

I’ll cut to the chase- when it comes to cooking, who has time for that?! It’s 6 pm, your family is suffering from a severe case of hangry, and you’re whipped from a long day of adulting! As much as I enjoy cooking, I rarely have the energy for a fancy meal- or the dishes that follow. BUT before resorting to take-out or a pre-packaged, processed options, you CAN throw together a meal that is both quick AND healthy! Here are some of my absolute favorites- I hope you enjoy!

One Pot Sweet Potato & Chicken Dish

This dish was a life saver right after Aria was born! Cube up as many sweet potatoes, chicken breasts and onions as you want, toss some salt and pepper (or those 50 cent packets of Italian seasoning- yum!) over it, pour some water or chicken broth over it to cover the bottom of the pan and cook it in the oven at 450 degrees for 28 minutes! Make life even easier during the week by pre-cubing the veggies at the start of the week!

Greek Yogurt Cheese Quesadilla

This is my all time go to for lunch when Aria is sick of peanut butter and jelly! Spread some greek yogurt onto a tortilla, sprinkle cheese (you can always add veggies or meat if you’d like!) melt for 30 seconds in the microwave and put some salsa on it for added veggies. Fold, cut and serve! This dish has the protein and the nutrients to get your little ones to supper time!

Noodles & Veggies

This is a super healthy and super simple go to supper! Cook up some spaghetti noodles in a pot. While they’re cooking, throw together your choice of protein and veggies. (I like to use cod, finely chopped sweet potatoes, garlic, and beet or zucchini veggie spirals that you get from the frozen section at the store.) Season with garlic salt, pepper, lemon juice and any Italian seasonings you have like basil or oregano. Saute the veggies and meat in olive oil until veggies are tender. Put olive oil on the noodles and season the same way – use extra lemon juice and garlic powder. Toss together and eat up! This one is great for getting Aria to eat her veggies and it is super quick to put together!

Burger & Veggie Casserole

This is just a healthier and simpler take on hamburger and rice casserole! Brown your ground beef in a pot. Put ground beef and frozen ground cauliflower in a dish. Season with salt, pepper, and Lawry’s salt. Pour beef broth (I prefer to use beef bone broth for added nutrients and protein) and plain greek yogurt over it and mix until the yogurt is blended in. Pour uncooked elbow noodles into the mixture. Cook in oven at 400 degrees for 45 mins or until noodles are tender. You can put peas in it as well for added veggies!

Roasted Chicken & Veggies

This can be about anything you want it to be! Lay your choice of meat on one half of a cookie sheet (I like to cut chicken breasts into strips). Cube your choice of veggies and lay on the other half of the cookie sheet (I prefer sweet potatoes and onions). Pour olive oil over everything and Season to taste (salt and pepper work for anything!). Cook in oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes or until meat and veggies are done. We love going to the farmers market in the summer and getting some fresh veggies to roast for supper that night! It’s a great way to try a variety of foods in your diet and switch up your meals so the kids don’t get sick of it!

Tips for Making Cooking Faster

Cut and store veggies before the week begins, that way you simply have to grab a handful and throw it in a pot when it’s supper time!

Cutting your meat into strips verses cooking an entire chicken breast whole makes cooking times shorter!

Keep base items on hand. (Beef or chicken broth, noodles, olive oil- whatever you notice you use most in cooking! I almost always use broth and greek yogurt.) You can always switch veggies and protein around, but this is a great way to make sure you always have the right items to make a flavorful meal!


I hope this gives you some healthy meal ideas that work easily into your life! Cooking isn’t always my favorite thing to do at the end of a long day, but I do love the satisfaction I feel from knowing I provided my family with healthy, nutritious food options that will help them in so many ways, and that doesn’t have to be difficult! I’d love to hear what some of your favorite recipes are!

How to Get a Flat Tummy & a Poppin’ Booty At the SAME TIME!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with having a good butt. I am well equipped with workouts to help bump up that booty, but one thing I was struggling with was how to get a toned and lifted booty (which requires building muscle, therefore eating more calories) but not gain weight around my belly at the same time. It’s a dilemma. Here’s how to fix it:

Build Lean Muscle

In order to get a perky, well rounded butt, you have to build muscle. You want to build lean muscle to avoid cellulite and sagging (am I the only one quoting White Chicks in my head right now? “Cellulite Sally!”). This requires doing the right workouts to tear down your butt muscles and then have a diet of plenty of calories to build it back up. Where these calories come from is what will be the difference between a belly pooch to go with that butt or a flat, toned midsection. Lean meats and healthy fats such as venison, beans, avocados and olive oil are great things to incorporate into your diet for building lean muscle.

As for the workout moves to build you butt, here are my absolute favorites:

Glute Bridges and Donkey Kicks

These moves are AMAZING for pumping up the top of your butt! I am not a personal trainer, so I am not going to give advice on how to do these exercises. You can google them and you will see tons of examples to go off of! I do different variations of each of these moves, and I never do more than 3 sets of 12. If that becomes too easy, I add resistance such as weights or resistance bands. I do not increase reps because that can make your muscles immune to the activity and prevent you from actually building that muscle. Plus: These can totally be done in your living room- some of them can even be done with your kids crawling all over you!

Squats, Lunges & Side Lunges

These moves work the bottom and some of the side of you butt. Again, google for examples on how to do them properly. There are lots of variations and I encourage you to switch it up!

Side Leg Lifts

You can lay on your side and lift your outside leg, you can do a side lunge or a squat and add a lift- again, there are SO many variations! Work that muscle and switch it up as often as your can to keep it working in slightly different ways and you will round out that booty so it looks good from ALLLL the angles! Note: Adding bands to anything side related is a great way to build, tone, and tighten!

Understand Body Composition

Body composition is the key to building certain areas of your body and slimming down others. Two people can be exactly the same weight, but one may look super fit and one may not. How your body puts on weight and what kind of weight it is putting on differs from person to person. I found a great supplement that is natural and non-toxic that improves my muscle tone while inhibiting fat absorption and burning calories. I call it my Personal Waist Trainer in a bottle! Eating the right foods (and supplements if that’s your jam- I’ll be honest, I used to be VERY skeptical of any supplements, but once I realized that it is just another way of giving your body what it needs and it is meant to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle, I am loving what I’m using and the results I have gotten from it!) are key to helping with targeting specific areas and getting the body you want.

Bloating Be Gone!

It’s possible that some of your pooch actually has more to do with your GI tract than your body fat. Occasionally avoiding foods that cause bloating (like right before you wear that little black dress) and regularly eating foods like bananas, kiwis, and yogurt that help prevent bloating is key.

Doing a detox can also be extremely beneficial for cleansing your GI system and ridding your body of toxins and the underlying reason for the bloating to begin with. You can do juice cleanses or take a supplement. I have one I use along with my body composition supplement that blasts that belly pooch right out of the water, and is also natural (which is very important to me!).

I hope this provided value for you and gives you some fresh ideas and inspiration for how to get the booty and waist that you are going for! If any of the supplements I use interest you, I can definitely give you more information for you to do your own independent research, as well as share promo codes! Happy Booty Building!