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2020 Election Results: Is There a Silver Lining?

Encouragement and Inspiration for Christians

Is there a silver lining in this election?

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Hello, Emily Allison coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being good stewards of our health, lives, and world. It is currently the night after election night and still no presidential candidate has reached the 270 electoral votes to win the race. Last night we went to bed with no answers, and this morning, we woke up with more questions. Where did these thousands of votes for Biden magically come from overnight? Why haven’t they called states that Trump is clearly winning when such a high percentage of the votes are in? Why are they stalling in cases where Trump is leading and what appears to be rushing where Biden is leading? Is this a fair and free election? If not, will there be justice, or will the American people be forced further down the road of censorship and persecution that they have traveled this entire year? What is God doing? And what does He want from you and me?


Let’s dive in.


First and foremost, no matter the outcome, is there a silver lining to the dysfunctional and warped display of democracy that we’ve seen in the past several years and now in this election? Yes, I believe there is. I think if Trump would have just swept the election and breezed through to victory, conservatives would have gotten comfortable. I think they very possibly would have rested in the safety blanket of Trump’s presidency while the left continued to advance their agenda through lying and manipulation in the mainstream media and censorship on social media platforms exactly as they have been. And I think the motivation to stand up and actually end it would not be so strong, because we would just be waiting to see what Trump could do about it.


Now, if Trump loses, which I hope doesn’t happen, but if he does, I hope that this election and the political culture we will be entering into will be enough to light a fire under us to rise up in the name of freedom and stand up to the evil in our country. What will it take to say enough is enough? It wasn’t Covid. It wasn’t quarantines and curfews. It wasn’t rioting and looting. It wasn’t censorship. Will it be a rigged election? Will it be the socialist American that Biden will no doubt begin implementing? If that’s what it takes for Americans to stand up for freedom and democracy in our nation and across the world, then maybe Trump losing will be a major blessing in disguise. 


Now, onto the next question I think we’re all asking: Is this election being rigged? 


My answer is that I do believe this election is rigged. I believe it’s being rigged in two ways: The first way is through voter fraud. Voter fraud is rampant in elections throughout our country and I have said all along, as so many others have, that Biden isn’t campaigning to win votes, because he’s already planning to win votes another way- by cheating. I think the democrats were shocked last election that despite their best efforts, the American people weren’t as easily manipulated as the democrats had banked on, and their voter fraud methods just weren’t enough to make up the difference. And every day since then, they have been sure to ramp up both. I don’t need to remind you of the baseless smear campaigns, accusations, impeachment attempt, and covid fear mongering campaign that has crippled our country economically and emotionally and spiritually in the last 4 years. Add that to the rise in censorship, the stripping of our freedom of speech and freedom of information primarily on the internet, and totally biased reporting in the news media, and what you have isn’t a free election or a fair election. It is a rigged election. EVEN IF (and I do believe it’s a big “if”) there turns out to be absolutely NO voter fraud factoring into this election, not one single vote- this election is STILL RIGGED. Stay with me as I explain. 


As I was watching the election unfold last night, 2 things hit me: It is closer than I thought it would be. The country is not unified, the country is even more divided and more polarized than it was 4 years ago. Despite a soaring economy, lowest unemployment rates for minorities, a tax bill that benefited Americans and great advances in reducing the cost of healthcare and drug prices- basically, despite Trump delivering on all his campaign promises in a big way that actually improved the lives of Americans, we the people are still so radically polarized on both sides. Why? Because of the constant lies and deception of the mainstream media and the censorship of information on social media. Due to algorithms each American has been presented with perfectly pre-packaged narratives that fit their own personal leanings, driving them further and further in one direction.


Due to the blatant censorship of conservative posts or alternate narratives other than the ones the mainstream media has set, the American people have not only been deprived of access to information, but have been bullied and censored in a way that has hindered them from being able to have educated debate so that people can learn and come to their own conclusions. Social media has decided and enforced what information we have access to, and decided for us what we are allowed to believe. And make no mistake, it has greatly determined the results of this election. In Arizona for instance, the state that Trump won in 2016 and Biden allegedly won last night, the voters said in a poll that they voted for Biden out of fear of covid. The media was so relentless in their mindless hysteria campaign over a virus with a 98% survival rate that they were successful in manipulating the minds of the voters and influencing the outcome of the election.


Media campaigns based on fear and emotion over facts, coupled with the censorship and smearing of any alternative information and the sources and people who attempt to share it, has officially eradicated educated debate, logical thinking, freedom, and truth from our political culture. The media tells us the narrative and we have no rights or abilities to counter it and decide for ourselves. Stripping the American people of their rights and lying to produce an outcome is NOT a free or fair election. It is a rigged election, and the democrats don’t care because it’s working. They think they can do whatever they want because they don’t think the American people have enough power to stop them. In his speech today, Biden told Americans that it’s time for us to stop treating each other like enemies. He said he will govern “as an American President.” “There will be no red states and no blue states when we win, just the United States of America.” “here, the people rule, power cannot be taken or asserted, it flows from the people.” Does it Biden? When you take away the rights and freedoms given to the people in the American constitution, where then does their power come from? I have a message for Joe Biden: 


Your party baselessly fought and obstructed Donald Trump’s presidency every single step of the way from his election is 2016 to now. Your party disregarded and forsook one of the crucial pillars of democracy which is the peaceful transfer of power, and while your party was doing that, they weren’t just bashing, smearing, disrespecting, and fighting against the President, they were fighting against the American people who elected him. Where were you when the power of the people was being disregarded and opposed by your own party for four years? Where were you when the power of the people to have free speech and freedom of information was being stripped away via relentless and biased censorship? Where were you when the power of the people to educate themselves and make their own decisions based on facts and reason was under assault by the completely one sided, political propaganda that is the liberal news media?


You stand with the party that has deliberately been stripping the American people of their constitutional rights and lying and deceiving their minds for political gain. And now, you are undermining the power of the people by rigging this election via criminal voter fraud. You don’t get to deprive American’ of their rights, take away their power, and expect them to roll over and let you walk to victory. You are not, and will never be, a legitimate president of the United States of America, and the people will rise up for freedom and rob you of your power just as you have done to us.


Now I have a message for my fellow Americans, and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ:


We have a country that was conceived in oppression, nurtured in persecution and unrest, and born in turmoil and sacrifice. Our heritage is one of pilgrims risking their lives and the lives of their children and sailing across the sea with hopes of freedom. It’s the heritage of Patrick Henry who, when swaying the Virginia convention to send troops to join the revolution said “Give me liberty or give me death.” It’s the heritage of Harriet Tubman, who followed God into the face of failure and death and boldly delivered slaves to their freedom. It’s the heritage of brave men and women who risked their safety and comfort to stand against slavery, Hitler, and communism.


And these examples pale in comparison to the heritage we have as christians and the hope we have in the true ruler of the universe, God. Our God parts the waters, closes the mouths of lions, slays giants with tiny stones, feeds the five thousand, calms the wind and the waves, and defeated sin and death once and for all on the cross. I know it’s scary to think of what might happen if our religious liberties and constitutional freedoms continue to be taken away. I know how easy it is to feel anxious and unsure of what God is doing and what He wants us to do in the face of evil in this world. But “Our God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) We are commanded to “not be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21) and who will crush Satan under our feet. (Romans 16:20)


Our identity is not in our safety or freedoms, our identity is in our hope in who God is, who we are in him, and what He says He will do in this life and the next. We are fighting the battle of God’s kingdom here on earth. We should stand for freedom. We should stand for human rights and policies that reflect Biblical truths. We should oppose evil and lies. By doing so right now, we are protecting democracy and liberty throughout the world. And we are not just protecting ourselves, but we are protecting every American, even the ones we disagree with. And this is very important, as Thomas Paine Wrote: “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he established a precedent that will reach to himself.”


Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” 


As you pray and wrestle with God in the coming weeks and beyond about what God is doing and how He is going to use you in it, I will leave you with this, from Hebrews 13: 20-21


“Now may the God of peace who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”


Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of all these gifts. 

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