3rd Party Candidates

Podcast: Thinking of Voting 3rd party? What Every American Needs to Know

3rd Party Candidates

3rd party Candidates: What Every American Needs to Know



Thinking About Voting 3rd Party? Here’s What Every American Needs to Know 

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Hello Emily Allison here coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being good stewards of their health, lives, and world. With the looming presidential election and some Americans trying to discern how they will cast their vote, I want to talk a little bit about 3rd party candidates. My goal for this podcast is to give you helpful insight on the role and impact that 3rd party candidates have on elections so you can be knowledgeable and empowered to make educated decisions for your life, family, and country. Let’s dive in.


First I want to recognize that the role of 3rd party candidate is important because it gives the American people more options so that hopefully people don’t feel trapped and forced to not vote or to have to vote in a way that violates their conscience. I think it is one of the beauties of the American political system that if one political party is failing, another grassroots party can advocate for change and have the opportunity to win others over to their cause.


Now, in this system, as you discern and attempt to vote your’ conscious, there are a few really important realities that must be considered. These realities should also weigh on your conscience and influence your decision making process. 


First, 3rd party candidates DO take away votes from major party candidates. Now I don’t mind that so much for the democratic side. I know lifelong avid democrats who wouldn’t vote for Hillary because they couldn’t support the corruption of the Clintons and the DNC so they were Bernie supporters instead. Do I agree with their political stances? Absolutely not, but corrupt career politicians who don’t actually represent the members of their own party is something to stand up against and take power away from, even if it means losing the election.


Now what about anyone who knows they don’t support Biden and the liberal agenda in America but isn’t so sure about Trump? Here are the realities you need to factor into your decision:


First and foremost, in this 2020 election, a vote for Jo Jorgensen IS a vote for Biden. Theoretically, I don’t want people to write off 3rd party candidates all the time because there may be a time and place where one can garner enough support to swoop in and save the day for the voters, but that is not this election. Jo Jorgensen does not have enough support to win this election- the reality is, she WILL NOT win this election. So if you don’t want to support Trump and cast a vote for Jorgensen, you have to understand that you ARE taking AWAY votes for Trump and helping Biden win. With all the issues at stake (pro life, supreme court justice appointees, Trump’s new healthcare reform vs Biden’s big government health care, freedom, constitutional rights, covid and the America it will produce going forward, etc. Can you justify that?)


Second, let’s take a look at Jo Jorgensen and this particular election. If you go to her website and take a look around, you will see very quickly that she’s not talking about running against Trump or Biden.. She’s talking about running against the policies of the last 50 years of politics. I agree the establishment candidates from both political parties have made a massive mess of lots of things in the past 50 years, but the reality is, Trump is not the establishment. That’s why he got elected to begin with. That’s why a tactless, wild, unpolished, not career politician who can’t be bought and had just enough crazy to actually get to Washington and get things done got elected by the American people. People were sick of the politics and policies of the last 50 years! They wanted change. They wanted someone who actually did what they said they would do. And they got it. 


What concerned me most about what I saw of Jo Jorgensen’s policy stances, is that they weren’t directed at Trump’s specific policy stances! She wants to reduce healthcare costs- cool, so does Trump and his administration have taken extensive and effective measures to do so. She wants smaller government, so does Trump, and he’s reduced red tape and given more power to the states. Jo Jorgensen isn’t running against the last 50 years of presidents, she is running against Donald Trump. Her policy stances and solutions need to own up to that and stand up against the particulars of the current administration. Trump is not an establishment republican, he honestly probably could pass for a 3rd party candidate had he chosen to go that route. 


As always, I want to end by empowering you to do what is right and best for you and your family, your community, our country and ultimately our world. So, for today, knowledge is power, so here are some issues to consider that are at stake and a few resources to get you started in educating yourself. 


Issues at stake in this election: Abortion. Trump is I think one of the if not the most pro life president we have ever had. 


Healthcare: Trump has done what no other president was willing to do and taken on Big Pharma and made executive orders to begin lowering healthcare costs, drug prices, and protecting those with pre existing conditions. Learn More HERE.


Supreme Court Appointees: This is the legacy of a president that extends far beyond any policy he could ever make. The supreme court justice serves for life and their decisions set legal precedent that will live on long after they are gone.


Human trafficking: President trump is not just talk. He has actually taken measures to fight and reduce  human (including child trafficking). Learn more HERE.


Immigration: Because of Trump’s immigration security, child trafficking and drug trafficking have not had a free pass to bring their sick crimes against humanity in and out of our country with ease. Educate yourself on the real issues (not the mainstream media) and ask yourself if you can really risk Biden opening up our borders for children to be continuously tortured and abused. 


Economy: Trump’s policies led to the lower unemployment rate for minorities, and a booming economy for America as a whole. We need 4 more years of that, especially now.


And lastly, remember that we have seen concrete evidence of how Trump’s policies deliver for the American people, whereas Biden and Jorgensen is simply theoretical talk at this point. We know what to expect from Trump and for me, a president who delivers and gets things done against the establishment and norm in Washington, is beyond enough for me. Having worked in politics, I know how unbelievably rare that is. 


Now I do want to address one more thing in regards to this topic: I know some people have an issue with Trump on his character, and honestly I just can’t quite get behind that. If you can’t support him because he isn’t at the same place in his spiritual walk as you or is immature and crass, etc. then I ask you this: Do you apply that thinking to all areas of your life? Do you research every store and business you shop at and every product you ever buy to learn about the faith, morals, and personalities of the people behind them? How far do you want to take this logic? Maybe you don’t support various large companies, like Target for instance because of it’s pro- LGBTQ agenda, but when you buy your products online from Amazon, do you research the moral character and personal faith of that business? Or even further, from the guys who get paid to load the truck and who’s way of life benefits from your financial support? Do you know what organizations and charities companies support? When you buy produce from the farmers market, do you know who the people you’re buying from are and what they stand for?

You might be saying, ok Emily, that’s not apples to apples, I buy my products, that’s not the same as supporting and validating the moral character or lifestyle of the people who make the products. Well, by voting for Trump, you don’t get Trump’s character. You get His policies. Policies that DO align with christian values. By not supporting Trump because of moral or character flaws, you are supporting not only the moral character and flaws of Joe Biden, but also policies that are not in line with christian principles and do great harm to the American people and the world. That reality needs to be present in your decision making process. So please, DO vote your conscience, but these realities should also weigh on your conscience. 


Learn about his past, learn about his character, listen to Journalist Liz Crokin talk about her experience covering him in her video “Trump Does the Unthinkable”. Learn about Biden, learn about his son Hunter Biden and his involvement in human trafficking. I’m not advocating for the lesser of two evils approach, I’m genuinely saying I don’t have an issue voting for Trump from a conscious perspective. We are not voting for most christian man of the year here. We are voting for the president of the united states and the policies that will be enacted under that administration. 


And those are just a few. Do your research from credible sources (NOT biased, lying mainstream media) and ask yourself if you can support Biden’s policies over Trump’s, because the reality is, that is ultimately the choice you are making. 


Be blessed, be encouraged, and be a good steward of the gifts and opportunities you’ve been given in this country. 


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