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Podcast: A New Voice: Finding Peace in a Troubling World

Christian Encouragement

Finding Truth, Hope, and Peace in Today’s World


Hello, coming at you from my blog Good Stewards, a community of people dedicated to being a Good Stewards, their health, lives, and world, my name is Emily Allison and today I want to share something different than what you’re probably seeing all over the TV and social media right now: I’m going to share something true, something hopeful, and something encouraging that should transform the way you feel and the way you live your life. 


I think it’s safe to say that most of us ( and I’m going to put myself first in line here), have looked at the cultural and political circumstances and world events in recent months (and probably years) and have experienced feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, discouragement, maybe even hopelessness. As a christian, living in Minneapolis MN by the way, right now with all the race riots and looting and extreme political divide, I’ve been disheartened and angered by the way the world has responded to recent events, but I’ve been especially discouraged by the way I’ve seen Christians respond. I’ll save my political thoughts and critiques for another blog post, but for now, I want to share something for you no matter what side of the issues you find yourself on: if you’re a follower of Christ, and you genuinely are striving to live as His disciple and seek to obey, serve, and glorify Him with your life, then this is applicable to you.


For the Anxious, fearful, and discouraged person: Let me give you a truth to lean on:


God is at work. God is in control. And not only that, but God is working and controlling things to HIS advantage. God will make Satan a footstool under His feet. He WILL defeat sin and evil, He WILL have the final victory, and every knee WILL bow and EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. 


A little background about me, I’m a political communications and history major, and I worked quite extensively in politics for several years before becoming a mom. And I think it’s easy to fall into a way of thinking that the world is always getting worse and worse. That back then was the good old days, and since then people and culture have just taken an unsalvageable turn for the worse. Well, I want to encourage you today that I don’t believe that’s true.


If you take a look at world history and history in our country as well, there have been WAAAAY darker times. There have been horrific times that many of us can’t truly imagine or wrap our heads around. Humanity HAS come a long way. The fact that we are talking about the issues we are today, such as valuing human life, spreading awareness so people can make safe choices for their families health, and racial equality is a testament to that. There was a time when there was no discussion about these issues. The narrative was set, or so it seemed. 


Let me tell you something: The only narrative that is set is God’s narrative. He has already overcome the world, and He put you and me here on this earth to be His hands and feet. To be a light and let our light shine before our fellow humans so that they may see our good works and glorify God. If God didn’t think the world was capable of saving, he wouldn’t have sent Jesus. If the apostles didn’t think the evil and warped mind of both worldly and religious groups alike weren’t capable of seeing God and accepting the truth, then they wouldn’t have kept spreading the good news of the gospel. 


 We are HIS handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do GOOD works that He has prepared in advance for us to do. So do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. He is on the throne. He is in control. His ways are higher. His ways are good. And He will never leave us or forsake us. We don’t have to understand everything, there will be lots of unknowns in life. All we have to do is trust Him and Obey Him. 


Lastly, we are not helpless. Not just because we have the almighty all powerful God of the universe taking care of us and loving and watching over and guiding us moment by moment every day, and working all things together for our good, but also because guess what, we DO have the freedom to take actionable steps in our country and world to make it a better place. People have done it before in much more trying circumstances, and so can we. 


So if you’re wondering what you can do, here’s what you can do: First, You can be a truth seeker, not seeking out one side or another but seeking out God’s side. What does God think? What are the facts? What is the truth? Educate yourself and pray for wisdom and guidance and grace so that you can think biblically and truthfully about the various circumstances you encounter in this world. 


Be a light: Anyone can rant. Anyone can have an opinion. Anyone can argue. It takes real fruits of the spirit, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, self control, to be a witness for Christ in the midst of volatile and important topics. Wherever you are, before you try to represent one opinion over another, remember first that you are supposed to be representing God. Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Live out your faith in such a way that it is so radically different from everything else we see in our culture that people have no choice but to see God’s attributes on display through you. 


Next, Act. Get involved in honest, above reproach organizations that are making a positive impact in our country and world. Volunteer, give money, pray, vote, spread awareness, etc. We have more freedom as Americans than any other people in the history of the world. This is OUR government. A citizen led government, by the people, for the people. So don’t helpless worry about the people who are leading our government, and step up and lead yourself- lead your family, your community, your state, your country. If you know better and want things to be done better, then step up and actually contribute and help make it happen. 


Lastly, have joy. Our hope and joy is based on things far greater and better than anything this world has to offer. Let us live our life here faithfully and obediently to god, being good stewards of His many gifts and fulfilling His purposes for us, so that when His to do list for us is done, we can stand before Him and hear “well done good and faithful servant.” Find joy in the eternal hope we have in Christ. Find Joy in the forgiveness of sin. Find joy in having a loving heavenly father who cares about the most intimate aspects of your life and heart. What a good father we have, what amazing truths we can dwell on every moment of every day. What exciting and encouraging hope we have in this life and for all eternity. 


Be blessed, be encouraged, and go be a good steward of all these things. 



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