You’re Pregnant- Now What?!

I remember that first amazing moment of seeing those 2 lines on the pregnancy test! The moment when suddenly there was another little life in our family and I felt the immediate sense of being a mother! After Daniel’s long journey with health issues, we didn’t know if having kids was ever going to be in the cards for us- seeing those 2 lines was the most joy filled moment of my entire life.

But what NEXT?! (Besides jumping onto my sleeping husband at 4:45 am to tell him the news! He was as excited as I was- although a little more out of it!)

When I found out I was pregnant, I resorted to Pinterest and Google for my next steps and got sufficiently overwhelmed. SO, I have put together a list of the most important first steps to take that will help get you, your baby, and your pregnancy off to a wonderful start! I hope this provides value to you as you navigate this amazing journey!

Step 1: Breath

Congratulations! You are pregnant and it is the biggest blessing of your life! But 9 months is a long time away! You don’t have to have it all figured out at this moment. Talk to any parent- we never have it all figured out, so join the club! Take a breath. Say a prayer. Be thankful. Entrust your worries and emotions to God and rest in the fact that you are a mother and you are fully equipped for this.

Step 2: Call Your Doctor

Even though your first appointment probably won’t be for another 8-12 weeks (see what I mean when I say you have time?) it is important to give your clinic a call and tell them that your pregnancy test came back positive and you would like to schedule your first OB appointment. They will walk you through their protocol from there!

Step 3: Make Some Healthy Changes

Even though your first appointment isn’t for a while, you will want to protect and nourish your baby during this first trimester. Your baby will be experiencing the most crucial developmental stages over the next 12 weeks and there are plenty of ways for you to help him or her have the best start to life! Here are a few important things to adjust if you haven’t already:

Prenatal Vitamins

If you’re not already taking them, be sure to get some prenatal vitamins. Folic Acid is crucial for baby’s development and Vitamin B6 helps with morning sickness! Look for vitamins that have both of these in them!

Eliminate Toxins

Did you know that your baby still gets exposed to toxins, even inside the womb? Harmful chemicals and toxins can pose a real threat to a developing baby- so try to stay clear of harsh chemicals found in every day household items like cleaning supplies and personal care products. Check out our non-toxic clean living items we offer and snag your $10 off promo code here to make this process easy and worry free!

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Eat Healthy (if possible)

Battling morning sickness, food aversions, and food cravings (oftentimes for food that isn’t the healthiest option!) can make it hard to follow a nutritious diet.

The key: Do you best! If you can add some fruit or veggies to your diet, then try to do so! If you can add a healthy snack like cheese sticks and healthy crackers instead of pop or donuts, try to do that! Do what you can, stay away from processed food as much as possible, and realize that at the end of the day, you need to survive- so if pop tarts are the only thing you can eat without throwing up, so be it!

Step 4: Be Active

Moving and staying active during your pregnancy will not only greatly contribute to your health and your baby’s health, but it also will help with morning sickness! Again, the key is to do what you can. If you already were working out and in great shape- keep it up! Stay hydrated, be careful and continue to work towards your health goals.

If you aren’t active, start walking, stretching or try pregnancy yoga! Listen to your body. Stay hydrated and eat enough to replenish your body and muscles. Do what you can with what you have and try to be active everyday- even if you have to adjust what you do based on how you feel. It will pay off greatly!


There are a lot of things to consider when having a baby, but the most important thing right now is YOU and the amazing life that is inside you! Put your health first, rejoice in this blessing that so many women pray for and aren’t able to have, and trust God with the rest!

Know also that you are not alone- if you don’t have a supportive family environment, there are plenty of groups and resources available that can help you navigate and get off to a great start! Check out more on this blog for healthy pregnancy tips, overall clean living, and emotional and spiritual support!

For more in depth information on pregnancy, labor & delivery, and beyond, check out this amazing resource:

I hope this post provided value to you and I wish you the very best in your pregnancy! Stay tuned for more in this series on pregnancy and motherhood!

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